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Reply To: 990 Tax form

Nolo Press has an excellent book Every Nonprofit’s Tax Guide, which has an extensive section on the 990.

Reply To: Property rental

Thanks Jerry, for your question, and Cheryl, for participating in the forum! We just want to be sure that you mean rental as an income…



NFC Presents Webinar
Creating Your Nonprofit’s Right Revenue Mix: The First Cut — Resource List Part 1

A collection of research on adding revenue streams to — or subtracting them from — your organization. Tune in for tools in Part 2.

Article Insights
Is Diversification of Revenue Good for Nonprofit Financial Health?

There’s no substitute for understanding the ins and outs of an issue and then smartly applying them to your own situation.

Article Research
Diversification Reconsidered: The Risks and Rewards of Revenue Concentration

Peter Frumkin and Elizabeth Keating take another look at the wisdom of diversifying one’s revenue mix.

How Nonprofits Get Really Big (2024 Update)

This pair of articles make the argument that if you are after sheer size, revenue concentration may be the way to go.

Reply To: Property rental

Hi Jerry — When you say “property user fee” do you mean rental fees of some kind? If the property the nonprofit owns is integral…

Article Research
Beyond Donations: Isomorphism and Revenue Mix in Nonprofit Startups

Fascinating work on “field isomorphism,” or why fields tend to use the funding streams their peers use as central sources.

Article Research
The Accumulation of Nonprofit Profits: A Dynamic Analysis

Many nonprofits seek secondary sources to add to unrestricted net assets and reserves even when the dollars don’t justify the effort.

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