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Revenue Recognition: A Nonprofit’s Guide to the Rules for Gifts and Grants

Nonprofit revenue comes in many shapes and sizes; each type must be recorded on your financial statements. However, translating the accounting rules and determining the timing and amount of contribution revenue to record can seem complicated.

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The 5 Nonprofit Business Models Revealed: A Nonprofit Leader’s Guide


Most nonprofits have a mix of different types of revenue funding their budgets. Each type brings with it a constellation of risks and requirements. This 6-part course dives deep into strategic and practical considerations.

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5 Reasons Nonprofits Should Evaluate Loan Options by More Than Just Interest Rates 

Rising interest rates have dominated headlines in recent months. It’s more costly to secure financing for a wide range of needs. But remember, there’s a lot more for nonprofit borrowers to consider.

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May 24th

Nonprofit Revenue Recognition

The rules that govern how nonprofit revenue is to be recorded are one of those "must-knows" that every CPA should master.

June 20th

The Business Model for Nonprofits with Government Funding

Even if you are quite comfortable with its administrative and compliance requirements, there are some classic high-risk scenarios associated with government funding.

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Join us on June 20, 2023, for Nonprofits and Government Funding: Business Model Basics. This next webinar in NFC’s unique business model series is on the management and strategic requirements for nonprofits that are predominantly dependent on government funding.