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The Evolved Membership Nonprofit: A Powerful Revival of the Social Sector’s Ultimate Business Model

Nonprofits that master the membership organization model can unearth riches and momentum heretofore unrecognized.

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The 5 Nonprofit Business Models Revealed: A Nonprofit Leader’s Guide


Most nonprofits have a mix of different types of revenue funding their budgets. Each type brings with it a constellation of risks and requirements. This 9-part course dives deep into strategic and practical considerations.

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Revisiting the Financial Oversight Role of Nonprofit Boards

Explore the financial governance challenges of nonprofit boards and how they can function more effectively through redirecting efforts and redefining duties. Learn the markers of good governance and the basics you need to convey about your organization’s business model.

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Fiscal Sponsorship: To Be a 501(c)(3), or Not to Be?

May 28, 2024

Fiscal sponsorship has been an alternative to nonprofit incorporation and its attendant bureaucracies for decades, seen primarily as a stepping-stone for startups. However, even well-established organizations are now viewing it as a more permanent structural option. In this webinar, we’ll review the full range of options and considerations available through fiscal sponsorship.