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Here We Go Again: The Cyclical Nature of Board Behavior

Each time a board enters a new cycle, it differs from the one before, because the organization and external environment will have changed.

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Nonprofit Boards – Resources List

What exactly is the board’s role in helping to steer a sound financial course for your nonprofit?

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Exploring Emerging Forms of Nonprofit Governance

A selection of discussions on refining governance practices to make nonprofits even more powerful and effective.

Problem Boards or Board Problem?

After more than forty years, the cottage industry of board improvement might have been working on the wrong problem.

Reframing Governance III

While we have been obsessively focused on our organizational boards, much of the real consequential action is occurring elsewhere.

Treasurer and Finance Committee: Right People, Clear Roles

How do you reinvigorate the treasurer’s and finance committee’s roles so they play a strategic part in oversight, planning, and governance?

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