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Revenue Recognition – Resources List

Each type of nonprofit revenue must be recorded. However, the rules and timing can be complicated. Here are some of the implications.

Nonprofit Earned Income:
 Critical Business Model Considerations for Nonprofits

Ask yourself: Is there an earned income-producing activity that’s a good and natural fit for your nonprofit’s mission? This appears to be a core driver to success or failure in earned income projects, so it’s a good place to start. There are at least two major factors: how core the activity you are considering is to mission achievement, and the overlap in what some refer to as “organizational technology” but we will call organizational infrastructure.

Nonprofits and Debt Capital: Embrace the Strategic Use of Borrowing

This is an online romp through the landscape of the nonprofit lending landscape, including lines of credit, facilities loans, capacity-building loans, and more, along with the types of lenders and loan terms you may encounter for each category.

Kate Barr, of Propel Nonprofits and Dana Liberman of IFF are the hosts of this session with decades of nonprofit lending between them.

The 5 Nonprofit Business Models Revealed

A set of six seminars based on grounded research (or on-the-ground study over time) of the diverse and distinctive financial dynamics of different types of nonprofits.

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The 5 Nonprofit Business Models Revealed: A Nonprofit Financial Leader’s Guide – Resources List

The introduction to six seminars on the diverse and distinctive financial dynamics of different types of nonprofits.

Nonprofit Reserves: The Real Deal – Resources List

ORIGINAL PRE-RELEASE CONTENT available only on this site   Case Study Northern Dental Access Center: Expansion through Service to “Competitors”  This original case study examines…

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