Minnesota Nonprofit Economy Report: A Statewide and Regional Analysis (2022–23)

Published by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. Written by Eleanor Petrin, MCN nonprofit research intern at Macalester College; Grace Hanson, MCN nonprofit research intern at Carleton College; Jon Pratt, MCN senior research fellow; and Kari Aanestad, MCN associate director.

Like every industry in the United States, the nonprofit sector benefits from having timely information on economic performance. The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits’ Minnesota Nonprofit Economy Report, published annually for the last nineteen years, uses the most comprehensive information available to provide the most detailed annual examination of Minnesota’s Nonprofits.

The Minnesota Nonprofit Economy Report – when used together with the Minnesota Salary and Benefits Survey and other publications from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits — has important uses for four distinct audiences:

  • Managers of nonprofit organizations: putting their own situation in perspective in decision-making and communications with their own board, supporters, and staff.
  • Nonprofit boards of directors: developing strategic plans, informing board trainings and evaluating staffing and compensation plans.
  • Government officials and donors to nonprofits: understanding the unique role and contributions of Minnesota nonprofits and identifying partnership opportunities.
  • Economic and community development planners: incorporating nonprofit employment trends into economic development plans and understanding regional differences and local economies.

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