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Article NFC Presents Webinar
Nonprofit Ratios – Resources List

Ratios embody sound nonprofit financial management. However, some have historically created havoc where they were meant to create order.

NFC Presents Tools Webinar
Nonprofit Finance Automation – Resources List

This webinar has concrete steps to take as you consider processes and technology for proper organizational controls and improved efficiency.

Article NFC Presents Webinar
Individual Donor Funded – Resources List

The “contract” between a nonprofit and its donor base requires specific structure and infrastructure, and comes with two major risks.

Insights NFC Presents
Demystifying Cryptocurrency Donations: A Guide for Nonprofit Leaders

Many nonprofit leaders wonder if accepting cryptocurrency donations is right for their organizations and, if so, how to get started.

Article Insights NFC Presents Research Webinar
Nonprofits and Debt Capital: Embrace the Strategic Use of Borrowing

An online romp through the nonprofit lending landscape, including lines of credit, facilities loans, capacity-building loans, and more, along with the types of lenders and loan terms you may encounter for each category. Kate Barr, of Propel Nonprofits and Dana Liberman of IFF are the hosts of this session, with decades of nonprofit lending between them.

NFC Presents Webinar
Foundation-Funded Nonprofits – Resources List

Foundation giving’s unique challenges and opportunities should be reflected in your nonprofit business model.