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Fiscal Sponsorship? To Be a 501(c)(3) or Not to Be


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A Board’s Guide to Fiscal Sponsorship

This Propel review guide explains the details of fiscal sponsorship, paying particular attention to considerations and potential risks.

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Fiscal Sponsor Field Scan 2023 Survey Report

From the vast amount of data gathered in this survey, a story emerges about the current state of fiscal sponsorship in the United States.

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Fiscal Sponsorship – Exit and Transfer of Assets

This post discusses how to terminate a fiscal sponsorship agreement and transfer the project’s assets and liabilities if necessary.

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Fiscal Sponsorship Exits: Not Always Easy

Gene Takagi discusses some of the obstacles and snags that can interfere with the termination of a fiscal sponsorship arrangement.

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See You Collective Faces “Significant Pause” After Closing of Fiscal Sponsor

The aftermath for a student-led mutual aid fund at Clark University following the collapse of their fiscal sponsor.

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To 501(c)(3) or Not to 501(c)(3): Is That the Question?

Writing for the Nonprofit Quarterly in 2003, Frances Kunreuther grapples with the issue of whether incorporation is the right choice for your nonprofit.

Because of all the benefits attached to being a formal organization, many volunteer groups are still likely to incorporate. But organizations must first grapple with the tough question of whether a more formal structure fundamentally moves the work of the organization forward, and at what cost.

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