Fiscal Sponsor Field Scan 2023 Survey Report

In the winter of 2022/23, Social Impact Commons and National Network of Fiscal Sponsors (NNFS) put out a call to nonprofits known to serve as fiscal sponsors and representing a diversity of size, age, mission focus, sponsorship model, and geographic location. Their goal was threefold: create a quantifiable overview of the field of fiscal sponsorship, secure a greater understanding of where the field is today, and establish a baseline for future evaluation and analysis.

Our survey gathered data in three areas: 1) basic descriptive data from 100 fiscal sponsor organizations and their programs; 2) data on diversity, equity, inclusion, and access (DEIA); and 3) information on fiscal sponsor practices and respondents’ overall capacity to provide sponsorship support. From the vast amount of data we were able to gather, a story emerges about the current state of fiscal sponsorship in the United States. The purpose of this Field Scan is to share that story with all interested parties including the fiscal sponsors themselves and the general philanthropic community.

Download the report.