See You Collective Faces “Significant Pause” After Closing of Fiscal Sponsor

Leo Kerz, writing for the Scarlet, Clark University’s campus newspaper, discusses the aftermath for a student-led mutual aid fund following the collapse of their fiscal sponsor:

The See You Collective is a student-led mutual aid fund composed of students at Clark University with the purpose of minimizing financial insecurity on campus. As described on the SYC Instagram, the collective “aims to be a space where low-income students can tell us what they need and be respected while seeking support.” […] In their announcement, SYC said that they will need to pause collection and redistribution of funds until they have found a new organization, as they rely on OCF for accounting and tax payments. SYC will also be closing their funding request form until they have found a new fiscal sponsor.

Read the article. Then, see SYC’s transparency report on Instagram.