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Lesson 4: Foundation Funded

August 11, 2023

Foundation Funded is the fourth lesson in the series of seminars on the 5 most common Nonprofit Business Models.

Candid just announced that Foundation giving increased by 3% year over year in 2022, aligning with a longer-term shift noted by Giving USA, indicating that foundation giving is increasing even as the category of individual donations decreases as a proportion of overall giving.

Foundations have their own unique challenges and opportunities that should be reflected in your nonprofit business model.

In this lesson, you will learn the following:

  • What the growing and diverse grid of foundations looks like in the US, and what you can expect from each type;
  • What basic administrative processes and tools need to be in place to administer foundation funding;
  • What the characteristics are of foundation funding, generally – positive and not so much;
  • How nonprofits go about converting non-financial or social capital to foundation grants;
  • How to tell a foundation your financial story to secure the exact kind of funding you need;
  • How to negotiate the best possible grant terms for your budget;
  • What nonprofit leadership needs to be and do to be successful with various types of foundations.  


Hilda Polanco
Managing Partner, BDO FMA

Maple Walker Lloyd
Director of Development and Community Engagement, Block Club Chicago

Emily Roseman
Research Director, Institute for Nonprofit News

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