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The 5 Nonprofit Business Models Revealed

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Lesson #1 Course Overview

February 28, 2023

The first session is an in-depth introduction to a set of six seminars based on grounded research (or on-the-ground study over time) of the diverse and distinctive financial dynamics of different types of nonprofits. What drives, disrupts, and needs to be measured and monitored to optimize your organization’s financial outcomes, as compared to a performing arts or foster care operation? What do you have to consider when diversifying or shifting a revenue source? These seminars will provide a valuable framework that will help nonprofit leaders smooth out any periodically turbulent operations and strategically advance their organization’s financial positions.

This webinar will provide participants an overall framework of the unique business principles that distinguish nonprofit enterprises from other sectors. From that foundation, you will

  • • learn how the primary revenue sources drive the financial dynamics and needs of five different nonprofit business models;
  • • learn the common risks, challenges, and capacity needs that are embedded in each;
  • • explore the type of financial leadership orientation each needs;
  • • get a fuller understanding of the hidden capital available to nonprofits;
  • and more!

  • Instructors:

    Hilda Polanco
    Managing Partner, BDO FMA

    Ruth McCambridge
    Director of Content, Nonprofit Financial Commons

    Douglas Rushkoff
    Media Theory and Digital Economics Professor, CUNY/Queens

    Instructor Bios

    Upcoming Event

    Join us on June 20, 2023, for Nonprofits and Government Funding: Business Model Basics. This next webinar in NFC’s unique business model series is on the management and strategic requirements for nonprofits that are predominantly dependent on government funding.