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The 5 Nonprofit Business Models Revealed

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April 20, 2023

Earned Income Business Model

Earned Income is the first of a series of seminars on the 5 most common nonprofit business models. It is fitting that earned income be the first of these since fee for services dominates the nonprofit revenue landscape at more than a trillion dollars annually.

This session from the Nonprofit Commons is designed to help you consider what the earned income business model requires in terms of leadership, oversight, processes, capitalization, and infrastructure. It will address common mistakes and complications as well as tools and resources.

You will have access to an all-star cast of presenters and moderators in this session as we review factors that appear to lead to either success or failure in nonprofit earned-income ventures. In addition, we will review what goes into responsible business planning and risk containment and how to approach capitalization. We will also present real-life cases and host an active conversation among participants and panelists. 

You will learn:

  • • To recognize types of earned income efforts among nonprofits;
  • • What is related and unrelated business income, and why it matters beyond tax implications;
  • • How to approach the mitigation of risk;
  • • What levels and types of infrastructure are needed; and
  • • Where capital for such efforts might come from.
  • • To understand the extra infrastructure required for subsidized fee for service activity.
  • Upcoming Event

    Join us on June 20, 2023, for Nonprofits and Government Funding: Business Model Basics. This next webinar in NFC’s unique business model series is on the management and strategic requirements for nonprofits that are predominantly dependent on government funding.