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    Posted by Ron on September 19, 2023 at 11:12 pm

    Hi All,

    We are a brand new non profit called “For good and for all”. We are publishing our first book called “Elevator pitches for God”, 70 1 page essays by thought leader on why they believe. This book is not religious. Its purpose is to open a non sectarian discussion about God. We have essays from US senators, ambassadors, movie stars, top scientists and captains of industry. We are hoping to have the hardback by December and Kindle by October (2023). We are opening people up to the idea that following the 10 commandments or the 7 laws of Noah, would make world would paradise, even if you are not sure of the existence of a Creator. There would be no wars, no need for door locks or keys for that matter, since no one would steal. There would be no murder, etc. Even a non religious person should want to advocate for belief in the God who presented himself and asked humankind to obey his 7 laws. So we want that discussion. More people were murdered by atheist governments in the 20th century than any other movement in human history (communism). My question is what is the most bang for the buck for us to spend time on? Getting grants? What services should we apply for? I hear Google gives 10k/month in free advertising on Google? We sure could use that to push the book. What beginning steps are worth the time and effort. What is the low hanging fruit? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Where can we list ourselves?

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  • Mark_Hager

    October 3, 2023 at 8:28 am

    Ron! Sorry that the forums are starting off so slowly… we hope it will ratchet up as the NFC gets more traction. And, ironically enough, start-up traction is right in line with the question you’re asking about. How do you get your nonprofit rolling?

    You’ll find a variety of sites that are more geared toward start-up and fundraising… the Nonprofit Financial Commons is geared more toward financial operations. One place I suggest you look is Ashoka.org, an organization that has gotten a lot of traction over past couple decades in connecting social entrepreneurs and sharing models for what WORKS in helping them get established and grow. They are a treasure trove of both written resources and potential connections that hopefully will give you ideas and models for how to get further off the ground.

  • Dana-B-Forum-Moderator

    October 3, 2023 at 9:52 am

    Hi Ron, I’m not sure if you’ve already filed for and secured your 501c3, but regardless the Center for Nonprofit Resources has some good resources and key considerations for starting a nonprofit. Hope this helps!