Cryptocurrency Donations – Resources List

Demystifying Cryptocurrency: A Guide for Nonprofit Leaders

While cryptocurrency has had its ups and downs, the market is valued at over $1 trillion. Many nonprofit leaders wonder if accepting cryptocurrency donations is right for their organizations, and if yes, how to get started. Nonprofit leaders may have questions:

  • What is cryptocurrency? Is it Bitcoin? The blockchain?
  • How can I understand what feels like confusing jargon and complex technology?
  • What about the debate about the environmental impact of cryptocurrency?
  • What about the news stories that make cryptocurrency sound so volatile?

Developed in 2023 by a team of nonprofit management professionals and informed by interviews with nonprofit leaders and cryptocurrency solutions providers, this guide is designed to help leaders of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, specifically with small to mid-size organizations in mind, navigate whether and how to accept cryptocurrency donations. The resources explain the range of options available, how each approach works, what they require of and offer to the organizations who use them, and how each option aligns with particular concerns and considerations.

Cryptocurrency Toolkit: Access it here.