Foundation-Funded Nonprofits – Resources List

Negotiating the Terms and Survival of the Fitting


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The Shifting Prominence of Foundations

Dayal, Sarina, and Grace Sato. “Foundation giving and payout in 2022: What changed and what’s next?” June 23, 2022.

The Criticality of Social Capital to Foundation Grant Getting

Cotterlaz-Rannard, Gaëlle, and Michel Ferrary. “A Bourdieusian Perspective on the Business Model: Exploring the Virtuous Circle of Societal Value Creation and Capture by Nonprofit Organizations.”  GSEM – University of Geneva. From the 32nd AGRH Congress, October 13–15, 2021.

Getting the Kind of Money You Want

Summers, John, Rodney Christopher, and Katrina Bandong. “Project Grants Need Not Be the Enemy: Part 3.” Funders for Real Cost, Real Change. Chronicle of Philanthropy. February 2021.

Types of Foundations

Council on Foundations. “Foundation Basics.”

Grant Advisor YELP for grant seekers.

INN Index

Institute for Nonprofit News. “INN Index Snapshot 2023: Growing resources lead to sector expansion.” May 23, 2023. Pay attention to the graphs in the introduction and on the fourth page.

One Last Thing to Keep in Mind: The Need to Cleave to our Bases

Bell, Jeanne, and the NPQ Editors. “Fundraising Bright Spots: The Secrets of Successful Fundraising from Individuals.” [Video–Webinar]. April 17, 2017.