• The Evolved Membership Nonprofit: What’s on Your Mind?

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    We asked registrants for today’s upcoming webinar to tell us what questions they have about the membership model. What interests you in this topic? We won’t necessarily be able to cover all of this ground in our 90-minute discussion, but here’s my sorting of the questions that people are asking:

    Is this for me?

    • What steps should an organization take if it decides to adopt a membership model?
    • What is your methodology for testing out new revenue generating ideas?
    • Our organization has members that are congregations. Can we create a “member” category for individuals as well?
    • We are interested to understand if this model is right for us. Is there a “light” version to try?

    How do we cultivate new members?

    • What is the most effective method of communication to create a more committed membership?
    • What does it take for a nonprofit to be successful as a membership organization?
    • What are some ways a nonprofit can maximize and increase engagement with members?
    • What are best practices in trying to balance growing membership maintaining strong communication with them?
    • What are some new member recruiting tactics, especially for Millennials who are not “joiners”?
    • If you had one piece of advice to increase member engagement what would it be?
    • Can you allow free memberships and also build in incentives for conversion to donors?
    • How does uplifting membership in our organization help to leverage larger funders?
    • How do you start a membership nonprofit in a way that sets it up for success?
    • How do you increase membership in a world where fewer people are joining?
    • How do you demonstrate membership benefits to a diverse association base?
    • How do you build and increase an engaged member base?
    • How do we differentiate ourselves from other membership organizations?
    • How do membership organizations sustain the value proposition for members?
    • How can you motivate “participants” to become fiscally supportive “members”?
    • Do most potential members expect to receive something in return for their membership payment?
    • Any advice on launching a membership campaign?
    • What are some membership benefits that organizations generally offer?
    • What are some best practices for making the case with our community to give larger gifts as part of their membership?

    What tools or platforms should I consider?

    • What system is best to collect membership payments and track memberships?
    • What software would you recommend to house a membership or donor profiles?
    • What inexpensive accounting software could you suggest?
    • What are the best online platforms for encouraging member engagement and connections?
    • Is there a tool to help quantify these metrics?

    What should be the role of members in my organization?

    • What kinds of decisions should be made (or even informed) by a vote of the membership”
    • Should we differentiate between “members” and “donors”?What can our fee-for-service accreditation nonprofit learn from traditional membership organization best practices?
    • Are there legal standards we should apply to our members?
    • What is the quid-pro-quo of a successful membership nonprofit?

    How do we set price for members?

    • What is the best way to choose a membership price?
    • What are suggested strategies when building out membership levels and benefits?
    • Can you talk about the dance between self-funding (through monetized products/services) and external funding?
    • How do we best track financial health and sustainability?
    • How might we structure membership to stabilize a revenue stream?
    • Do you have guidance on assessing ROI for different approaches to member benefits and dues?

    How broadly does this model apply across organizational forms?

    • What changes for 501(c)6 versus 501(c)3 or other types of community organizations?
    • For success with a membership model, what percentage of annual revenue should be driven by membership dues?
    • Is there a non-dues paying membership model?
    • How do you to implement an online membership for your nonprofit, even if you’re not a 501©6?
    • What is best way to oversee a 501(c)3 and it’s linked 501(c)4 membership organization?

    What if my members are organizations?

    • What is the business model of a nonprofit membership organization of private sector firms?
    • Can you discuss membership through a community centric fundraising framework?
    • How do you structure the voting if you have a tiered membership structure, including corporate “members?”

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