• Permanently Crowdfunded: Questions ahead of today’s webinar

    Posted by Mark_Hager on January 17, 2024 at 9:45 am

    Nonprofit Financial Commons will host the Permanently Crowdfunding webinar this afternoon at 2pm eastern time. I’ve reviewed and summarized the questions people submitted ahead of the webinar. I’ll be in the chat, and I’ll enter the webinar a couple at a couple points to ask the panelists some questions. I see six categories that multiple people asked about, and I’ll add a grab bag of one-off questions at #7:

    1. Crowdfunding: What platforms are most reliable? What steps do I take? Can crowdfunding be done in rural areas?

    2. Donor development: How best to generate recurring donations? How do we attract long-term donors? How important is social media in reaching donors? What messages resonate with young people?

    3. Diversification of revenue types: Can grants buffer loss in individual contributions? Do individual gifts reduce my potential for winning grants? What are the benefits and drawbacks of individual donations versus grants?

    4. Broader organizational development: How do small nonprofits make progress without a development staff? How do I get my board involved in fundraising? How do we develop a sustainable fundraising strategy?

    5. Trends in giving: What can we expect from donors in 2024? What motivates young donors? How does giving affect different sizes and types of nonprofits?

    6. Artificial intelligence: What role will it play in resource development? Can I use it now for crowdfunding campaigns?

    7. Various specific questions: How do I attract in-kind donations? How can I access donor-advised funds? Should we build and promote a giving club? How important are individual donations to assessment of the public support test? How has the higher standard deduction influenced giving?

    See you soon!

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