• Individual Giving: Questions ahead of today’s webinar

    Posted by Mark_Hager on January 30, 2024 at 9:30 am

    I’m looking forward to joining the panelists this afternoon and posing some of your questions. I’ve looked through all the questions submitted during registration, and I see seven arenas where more than one person are interested in discussion. Important: The panelists won’t necessarily cover all of this ground. I just like to summarize the direction of your questions before we get into the room –

    1. Far and away #1: Fundraising strategy

    · Where are nonprofits finding new donors?

    · What are strategies for attracting long-term donors?

    · How do we retain donors?

    · How can we set ourselves apart to inspire the individual donor to commit at a higher level?

    · How do you create compelling campaigns without exploiting people?

    2. Creating a culture of philanthropy

    · What are ways you can create a culture of philanthropy within your organization?

    · How do you make donors feel “connected” to the mission?

    · Why there is a decline in individual giving?

    3. Systems and software

    · What do we need to know about donor databases and integration with accounting software?

    · How to set up a reliable system for individual donations when capacity is an issue?

    · At what point is it necessary to pay for donor management software?

    4. Challenges for small nonprofits

    · Is it possible to cultivate individual donors without a staff position dedicated to this?

    · How can small nonprofits research new donors without wealth insights software?

    · What are some steps organizations with limited staff capacity can take to connect with more grassroots donors?

    5. Donor-advised funds

    · How can nonprofits access dormant Donor Advised Fund dollars?

    · Can you provide information on connecting with DAFs and individual wealthy donors?

    6. Board engagement

    · What is the most effective way to engage the board to offset thes risk over-reliance on one or a few donors?

    · How do I motivate the board to be involved in fundraising?

    7. Measuring success

    · What would be the best KPI’s for donor funding?

    · How can we enhance our fundraising strategy by focusing on creating usable dashboards and tracking key metrics?

    See you soon!

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