• How are you handling the trickle-down effects of government dysfunction?

    Posted by Dana-B-Forum-Moderator on October 20, 2023 at 4:52 pm

    Hello NFC Peers!

    A couple of weeks ago, we very narrowly avoided a US government shutdown, though it’s possible one still might be coming, particularly amid lingering congressional chaos. As many of you are likely all too aware, any type of government shutdown could have crippling financial effects on those organizations most dependent on federal funding (whether direct or pass-through).

    Some of you, of course, will have been through these periods repeatedly, but others are new to government funding and they need your tips and strategies!

    Given that, we want to hear your thoughts, plans and/or strategies for mitigating the effects of a shutdown. This might include some combination of the following:

    · Accessing a loan or line of credit

    · Checking in with your funding agencies

    · Increasing additional fundraising

    · Tapping into existing reserves

    We want to hear from you! Tell us how you plan to manage this uncertainty and help your peers do the same.

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