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    Posted by Mark_Hager_Forum_Moderator on October 5, 2023 at 11:34 am

    The webinar on cryptocurrency will be held this afternoon. I’ve reviewed and summarized the questions people submitted ahead of the webinar. I’ll be in the chat, and I’ll enter the webinar at the end to ask the panelists some questions. I see five categories:

    1. Administration: What platforms are available to accept crypto? What are the start-up costs and time investments? How does a nonprofit transfer crypto to normal bank accounts? What are good cryptowallets for nonprofits to use?
    2. Accounting: What gift type classification should be assigned to crypto… in-kind, cash, stock, something else?
    3. Attracting donations: What is the best way to encourage crypto giving? Are there tax benefits?
    4. Safety and ethics: How can nonprofits ensure that crypto donations are safe and legal to receive? Are there security risks? What are the ethical issues of dealing in cryptocurrency?
    5. The Future: Is this a fad that will phase out soon, or is this something that nonprofits should be paying attention to?

    What other questions do you have? What is your experience and input?

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