• Mark_Hager_Forum_Moderator

    February 23, 2024 at 11:22 am

    Chad: Below is some of the reactions in the chat from our January 30 webinar on individual giving. We’d love to get additional reactions on this question, since organizations wrestle with it all the time. We’ll send this out in our periodic email to see if we can generate more traffic on this —

    • We use Neon CRM…. I’m curious what others use that they’ve liked

    • We use MonkeyPod. It’s been great for us – integrated CRM, nonprofit accounting, e-comms, online giving, events & many other functions. Easy to use & low cost.

    • We have a custom-built CRM that folks are invested in, but that I sincerely wish I could trade for an out of the box system that can play well with others…

    • We use Give Lively & Salesforce

    • We use Neon CRM and I really dislike it, had a much better experience with EveryAction and Salesforce in prior roles

    • Katie, I dislike it as well… purely because of the difficulty I’m experiencing with automation and the extra tasks needed to realize gather and analyze donor data

    • We also use Neon and I would echo Jena’s comment!

    • We also use MonkeyPod and have been happy with it, although we’re still on a learning curve on integrating it with functions beyond the donor database.

    • From my experience – be very careful of customizing! The long-term support and challenges for integrating other components can add expense both in time and money. Working with a client now that over-customized their CRM and increased their total cost of ownership of the software.

    • I’m curious about experiences with Little Green Light? I have a few smaller nonprofit clients that use it and love it.

    • Deborah I’m also curious about Little Green Light!

    • We use LGL, and like it a lot.

    • New to Little Green Light, but like it so far! It is intuitive and has great training videos/sessions.

    • I’ve used LGL, and it’s really easy to use on the back end. I’ve heard from donors that it is hard to use on their end, the checkout process has a lot of steps, and it sometimes deters people from donating. It also makes recurring donations difficult.