Reply To: Nonprofit Reserves: The Real Deal – Questions for Panelists

Ruth McCambridge

    On behalf of Jeanne Larson, one of the panelists at our webinar today

    In our experience, investing in the staff is always the better path. There are limits to how much the Board and ED can retool the organization. It is the staff doing the work who can make the necessary improvements to build sustainability. By investing in competitive wages, bonuses, health benefits and more—we reduce turnover, reduce stress on families and build trust among those who are implementing our mission. And, we share the data so they are well versed in the challenges and impact of their efforts. When they feel valued and have a solid team, their ability to creatively find solutions, risk trying something new and their willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ during this time of ‘quiet quitting’—pays off in more mission impact and bottom line financial gain. Our team has true ‘ownership’ that will pay off better (and longer) than any operating reserve. Just my two cents.


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