Reply To: Managing and using cash reserves

Ruth McCambridge

    We are going to be hosting an online event on October 27th which is on this issue of nonprofit reserves – the reality show. Among our speakers will be Jeanne Larson who is a part of this community and who runs the Northern Dental Access Center. She has an enormously interesting story to tell about the way her organization repositioned itself during the pandemic – a job still in progress. The story is one of snatching opportunity from crisis in a way that only builds the community’s strength and self reliance.

    We are also thrilled to be able to present Thad Calabrese, one of the country’s most foremost researchers on this topic who has real insights into the complete capital structures of nonprofits, and Hilda Polanco of BDO/FMA whose hands on understanding about the ways in which reserves are accumulated and used is probably unmatched.

    We will send you a save the date later in the week. and meanwhile post your reserves story here if you have not already done so.

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