Reply To: Managing and using cash reserves

Ruth McCambridge


    You are right Nancy, it is very rare to see an organization with such a strong mix of reserves and an endowment(!) of all things. The interesting thing about your revenue mix is that you have a collection of sources that are predictable and repeatable (government and endowment interest income), and some that are less predictable (bequests) but are, in some cases, unrestricted enough to add to your capital position. It’s kind of an ideal, though by no means effort free, collection of revenue sources. The investment income is in that rare category of revenue that is both reliable and repeatable, and self directed and what an unusual profile that is among nonprofits!

    That said, I know enough about you to know that your organization is a type that lends itself to bequests but IF and only if it does right by its constituents. Its a cool balance. What do you think is the driver? It seems to be the investment income which gives you enormous latitude/freedom.

    It would be interesting to hear from other organizations who have built endowments – though, again, it is not for every organization by a long shot!

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