• Yolanda

    May 16, 2024 at 7:20 pm

    I highly recommend Gregg Bossen and the team at QuickBooks Made Easy. Here are some of their webinars I’ve taken in the last three years that helped me figure out how to hack QBO to work for our nonprofit:

    • QuickBooks Fundamentals: 3-Day Webinar Series for Users of QuickBooks Online
    • Better Budgeting in QuickBooks 2024
    • Managing Restricted Funds That Cross Fiscal Years
    • Tracking Restricted Grants in QuickBooks Online

    I also have their tech support service, where I can email them when I have very specific questions and they are very responsive and very helpful. They also have check up and quick look services where their team will look at your QuickBooks file and make suggestions and help you get your file up to speed.