• Nancy

    November 17, 2023 at 2:53 pm

    How easy it is to make the change depends on the staff. If you have a lot of low income hourly workers, it is difficult. Those people live paycheck to paycheck and they will view the change as losing an entire week of payu. No matter how you demonstrate that they will be making the same amount of money, you can’t deny that there will be a one-time delay in getting the next check. That delay will hurt some staff – they may have to pay a rent penalty because the rent was late. It may be another week’s interest on a pay day loan. If you are living pay-check to pay-check, you really can’t plan ahead and save up a week’s salary.

    You may want to consider a one week loan with a four paycheck payback. Or if you have the resources, a one week bonus. Or let the employees cash out a week’s worth of vacation or sick leave.