• luis

    June 1, 2023 at 12:40 pm

    I’ve also dealt with similar issues at my current and past organizations. I generally categorize DAF/family foundation gifts under individual contributions because those types are gifts tend to be stewarded in the same way for individual donors and makes more sense to track them there. If a DAF/family foundation gift is received through a grant application process, we track it under foundation grants since it falls within our grant portfolio and purview of our grants manager. At a previous nonprofit I worked with, we did a lot of work to better align Salesforce with QuickBooks to make sure gifts were tracked consistently. All of our Salesforce categories matched our QuickBooks chart of accounts/revenue categories. We also built out a separate donor advised giving field in Salesforce – sometimes a donor would give directly, sometimes through their DAF, but when we looked at that donor’s record, we only saw what they directly gave. So we worked with a consultant to create “total gifts + DAF” category that accounted for both and was easily accessible on the donor’s contact record. Hope this helps!