Shateka Flowers, Family Values for Life

Hal Cropp, Commonweal Theater Company

Jeff Russell, Jitasa

Kim Valente, StrongMinds

Nancy Miller, VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Sarah Setiawan, Learning Equality

Ronald Tomkins, TurnAround Social Sector Consulting

Jennifer Traver, Alaska Center for Children and Adults

Claire SunSpiral, SunSpiral Consulting

Asta Petkeviciute, Social Impact Commons

Kate Dumbleton, Hyde Park Jazz Festival

Kristine Hull, Nebraska Appleseed

Madge Vasquez, Mission Capital

Aileen Umali-Hermoso, Movement Strategy Center

Rachel McInturff, Armstrong Community Music School

Kristen Wolslegel, Bay Area Bioscience Education Community (BABEC)

Marvin Webb, Funders for LGBTQ Issues

Dominique Jones, Global Kids

Anthony Fullington, Chinese-American Planning Council

Jeanne Larson, Northern Dental Access Center

Elizabeth Castillo, ASU

Mark Hager, The Civance Group

Emily Roseman, Independent News Network

Fred Pandian, Ballet Hispanico

Steve Zimmerman, Spectrum Consulting

Michael Wyland, Sumption & Wyland

Mark Hager, Independent

Kate Barr, Propel Nonprofits