Reply To: Does the mission determine the model?


    The operational model of our environmental mission impacts the revenue model, but it doesn’t necessarily narrow it such that it has led to time and money spent on models that are not sustainable. I asked our board to think about our funding model recently as an exercise in rallying them around those that historically were most fruitful because we showed so many sources. They ended up concluding that individual giving with a heavy emphasis on major gifts was where we needed to put our effort. Corporate funding was never a success avenue because we don’t have the size, scale, and name recognition for a company to associate itself with. The organization size again limits our ability for sizable program delivery that the government would fund directly, although government funding has been part of the mix. The advocacy arm of our organization has been impactful and it relies on individual donors to support as support from local foundations is limited and their priorities can fluctuate.

    I think that it is a combination of mission and organization size that determines the model.

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