Reply To: Resilience is more complicated than a checklist of steps


    Hello fellow Elizabeth and all,

    Though I actually had a tough time getting through Antifragility (it read like a social entrepreneurship book: here is an old topic, only with these shiny parts emphasized, which means it is a new topic), I think the trick is how to get the resources to fund these things, which means convincing funders (donors, foundations, government, etc.) of the inherent value of this beyond what has been shown. Otherwise, we’re going to keep spending our earned revenue on offsetting the programs not fully funded by donors and government contracts, leaving nothing for things necessary for flexibility like financial slack and professional development.

    How do we move beyond the victories from combating the overhead myth and into funding professional development, or is it always going to be something we have to scrape together funding for from our unrestricted resources? (Disclaimer: Dennis Young and I have a book coming out on resilience that talks about the importance of slack, whether financial, HR, or otherwise. But it being Dennis and I, we do talk a lot about $.)

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