Reply To: Resilience is more complicated than a checklist of steps


    Hi all,
    I too have concerns about the notion of resilience. As prior posts note, it entails recovering/bouncing back to a prior state. A problem with that goal is that the prior state may not be what’s needed for current conditions. Instead, I’ve been exploring the notion of antifragile, the ability to get stronger after setbacks by leveraging disruption as a source of information and opportunity I like its mathematical grounding. I see antifragility being operationalized in the nonprofit sector as capacity building and capabilities development. Organizational learning is a way to develop capabilities, enhancing capacity of individual participants and their organizations. I’ve seen this approach work well in arts and culture organizations, promoting more cooperation, collaboration, and willingness to experiment and adapt. Shifts that are needed are to 1) stop viewing employees as cost centers; 2) building learning into job descriptions; 3) investing in professional development, with knowlege gained shared with others in the organization; and 4) accounting for intangible assets to recognize and systematically develop and deploy capabilities. #capacity #capabilities #resilience

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