Reply To: Addressing Racial Equity


    These are great, Kristine! Funder intros, and I think even more broadly, generous and thoughtful intros can go such a long way in building strong networks.

    One thing we’ve done, and could continue to deepen, is investing in our racial equity work (learning sessions for staff and board, facilitation to put learning into action).

    I’d love to put another question out there: does anyone have a system or process for financially supporting staff who are leading racial equity work in the org? I know many orgs pay stipends or bonuses for staff who serve on racial equity committees or working groups, to compensate for the emotional burden of leading that work. My questions: how do you set the amount? How do you take into account different identities leading the work (e.g., do BIPOC folks get compensated differently? could white allies who are leading pieces of the work opt out of additional compensation?)

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