Reply To: Can salary keep pace?


    Thanks for sharing these, Madge! So many great nuggets I’d love to dig deeper on 😀

    1) You mentioned considering whether the time is ripe to consider a Co-Exec Director model. I’d love to hear more/discuss! My org does have a non-traditional management structure with the goal of distributed leadership, but we don’t explicitly have a co-director model. It’s exciting to think about what that could look like… and a bit intimidating to think about what the process to get there would be.

    2-3) I love hearing that your org and board are supportive of investing in staff through COLA, even if it means a short-term budget deficit. We can’t work toward our mission if we don’t have staff! Have your staff or board talked about changes in business model/revenue model? In the past year, my org has jointly applied for grants that we’ve been awarded in conjunction with other orgs we work closely with, which is fairly new for us, which has got me thinking about if and how we might do more of that.

    4) I also love being explicit with funders that’s what’s needed. Curious how those conversations have gone with funders?

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