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    We implemented a four-phase strategy that unfolded over a six-month period for phases 1-3. (Phase 4 is set to happen late fall 2022)
    1. Followed through on a board approved salary increase for four directors in October 2021, even in the midst of the pandemic. It was scheduled to happen May 2021 but all the directors thought it was too risky and offered to postpone until October. The board was adamant that the increases happen in October BECAUSE of all the work being done to keep the organization going during the pandemic as well as the simple truth that if any of the directors left, we’d never be able to hire replacements at the lower salaries.
    2. Implemented a slight reorg in Feb 2022 that created two larger positions out of three smaller ones. This was created through the opportunity of a part time staff member moving out of state. These two larger positions offered internal staff a chance to move up, grow and have more income.
    3. Rewrote our staff handbook to include new perks for part time staff – sick days, PTO accrual, partially paid parental leave. The idea was if we couldn’t yet do monetary compensation across the board, we could offer time compensations.
    4. Phase 4 will be raising the base part-time salary, in late fall.
    Honestly, the whole process terrifies me because if we don’t meet earned and contributed goals, we’re living out of our nest egg to make ends meet, about half of which was used to keep us going through the pandemic.

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