Reply To: Can salary keep pace?

Nancy D

    We have a human resources committee of our Board of Directors that focuses on equity in salaries as well as monitors research on the “living wage” for NYC. We hired Arthur J. Gallagher to do a wage equity analysis of our salary structure which confirmed that salaries are based on education, and experience but primarily the years of service at our nonprofit. We were particularly focused on race, age, gender, disability equity and the results of the analysis were positive showing no underlying bias. In July of 2021, we raised our hourly minimum wage to $21 per hour from $15, a big jump. The Human Services Council, a coalition of New York nonprofits, advocated for the $21 living wage to be included in all government contracts. Although that advocacy is not yet successful, the Board HR Committee voted for the raise for our lowest paid employees. We have a formula we use for annual salary increases. It is based on the NYC June CPI plus 1.5% merit increase as a pool for salary increases. As of October 1, 2022, the pool is 8.2%. With the support of the Board Committee, our Board voted to pay for the wage increases from our investment/endowment income (unrestricted income.) We have enough money in reserves to be able to do this. It is a choice to invest in our staff. As a social service organization, personnel is primary budget expense.

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