Reply To: Can salary keep pace?


    I am considering a $1 or $2 per hour across the board for wage increases. In this time, it seems more equitable than a percentage. but you’re right, employees are losing ground economically, and employers have to stay competitive during these crazy workforce shortages. Hard to say if we can afford it, but we can’t afford NOT to.

    UPDATE-Budget projections for the remainder of the year indicate $2 across the board raise is manageable; as ED, I have discretion over wages (within Board-approved ranges) so only needed to inform the board, not request approval. They did however, agree with the decision. We cannot afford to lose any more staff and area employers are offering some crazy incentives. I considered single bonuses to alleviate the maintenance of effort long term, but it truly is about the day to day cost of living–and I feel that approach wouldn’t directly achieve the intended result.

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