Nonprofit Financial Commons Executive Director

Marvin Webb

Marvin Webb

Executive Director, Nonprofit Financial Commons

Introducing Marvin Webb, the dynamic new Executive Director of Nonprofit Financial Commons (NFC). Marvin's journey began in May 2010 when he joined Funders for LGBTQ Issues as the Operations Manager. Combining his creativity, tenacity, and education, he advanced to become their Chief Financial Officer. Propelling the organization toward extraordinary growth for more than 13+ years, he became a driving force, mastering strategic finance, HR, IT, conference management, and administration.

What truly sets Marvin apart is his unwavering commitment to measurement and equity. He skillfully integrates strategic goals, investment objectives, leading indicators, and business outcomes, all while prioritizing inclusivity for racial, gender, economic, transgender, and disability perspectives.

Marvin's enthusiasm knows no bounds as he embarks on this adventure. He is eager to connect deeply with our community of 5,500+ nonprofit finance leaders, understanding their unique needs, and fostering a space for sharing insights and innovation. He is committed to fortifying the nonprofit sector's foundations, ensuring its lasting prosperity and positive impact on society. Join Marvin on this exciting journey filled with endless opportunities for growth and transformative collaborations.